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Teenage Daughters Can Be Useful !

December 10, 2017

Who doesn't like surprises in the mail? Well i do, and so does a large number of the worlds population. Unboxing videos are hot. As much as i love to watch them i also want to experience the same ecstatic feeling that those people I've never met before  feel. I envy them.


Now i have searched and searched for a subscription box for years but so far none of them have taken my fancy. So when all else fails what do you do? I've come up with a solution.


Teenage daughters can be moody, angry, messy, and bitchy but they can also be useful. I came up with a plan to use mine for my subscription box delema. Once a month (like a period or when i have a period) i will give her $20 - $30 AUD to go and spend at a shop of my choice.


How does that help me you ask. She makes the purchases for me. The best part about it is i have no idea what she is going to buy, its a surprise.


I know that's a lot of trust to invest into a teenage daughter, there is always the chance that they will sneak a few dollars for some makeup or to buy the boyfriend a frozen coke, but i'm trusting mine.


Her first expedition went well. The shop of my choice, Lush. She got a bit distracted by all the shiny things, and her girlfriends presumably looking for their next soulmate, but she did a good job.


Now i am not going to lie, i was bloody excited, opening the bag at the speed of light like it was Christmas morning. Inside was a Lush Shower Jelly in ‘Whoosh’ and a Shower gel in ‘Bubbly’.


The shower gel smells gorgeous, a bit like Fanta. It was very refreshing and lathered up nicely but the real hero was the shower jelly.

 Its exactly what it sounds like, a handful of jelly. You basically wash your wobbly bits with a wobbly bit !! Its  little bit slippery and awkward to hold but its worth it. I have fallen in love and cant wait to purchase more.


You can find Lush shower jelly's here:




So in conclusion teenage daughters can be useful and i plan on using mine for many more months to come. I haven't told her that yet but i'm sure she will be thrilled !!! 


What are your teenage daughters useful for?










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