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The Love That I Have by James Moloney

August 1, 2018

Week 30 of 2018 Reading Challenge 'A book that makes you cry'


James Moloney is an Australian author who is best known for his Young Adult novels. The reason I chose his book, besides the fact it kept jumping out at me every time I entered a bookshop, is that I haven’t read a historical novel with a topic as heavy as WWII Nazi Germany before. I thought it was time to be brave and perhaps educate myself on one of the most terrible times in history and I'm so glad that I did.




I don’t think I’ve ever read a book that made me cry so when faced with this weeks topic I wasn’t expecting waterworks to leak out of my eyeballs while reading. I guess I consider myself slightly hard emotionally; it usually takes a lot to break me down to the point of crying.


The whole way through not a single tear escaped down my cheek, no moisture pooled in my tear ducts and no sniffling came from my nose. Until the last goddam page!!! That’s right, James Moloney is the first person to make me cry reading a book.


I don’t know what it was that set me off because the wording on the last page was pretty straightforward. I felt like I traveled on an emotional roller coaster throughout the whole book, but I think the way Maloney wrapped up the ending struck me to the core and caught me by surprise. There were a few surprises, one, in particular, had me gasping out loud. Talk about plot twists!!!


The characters, Margot and Dieter, were adorable, loveable, brave, inspiring, you name it!! In some parts of the book, they correspond by letter, and I found it refreshing. Amongst the chaos and horror of war, it's possible for two people to find and fall in love, to support each other and others. It restores your faith in humanity. I can tell you now; I would have no trouble at all falling in love with someone I didn't know just by the letters they wrote. There is something magical about letters, but even more special when you are reading someone else's love letters from many years before your time.


My favorite thing about this book, it read like a memoir. If I were unaware that this was a fiction book I would have thought it was real. Maloney does an outstanding job of transporting you into the time of WWII and feeling all the emotions, connecting with the people, smelling all the smells and wanting to run to the ends of the earth to find Margot and Dieter. It doesn’t read like a story/fairy-tale it reads like Moloney was right there experiencing the same ordeal as Margot and Dieter.


‘The Love that I Have’ is well written, compelling, heartbreaking and inspiring.


Oh, and the dead really do deserve to know they are loved.




- The Australian Women's Weekly


Do you have any  suggestions for a book that might make me ugly cry ??? Let me know in the comments down below xxx





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