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A Little Bit of Love - A Short Story Romance Collection By A.K. Leigh

September 24, 2018

Week 38 of 2018 Reading Challenge 'Short Story'


This week I returned to one of my favorite authors, fellow Aussie A.K. Leigh. Her latest collection of romance short stories is titled ‘A Little Bit of Love.’ When I’m craving a romantic read that is gentle, tame and tasteful, she is my go-to author.

 The Three Stories  - No Spoilers I Promise!!!


Curse of the Moonstone Brooch (Historical)


Melody is ecstatic she finally rid herself of the brooch she believes is cursed. The only problem, Tristan, who witnessed the mishap and sets out on a journey determined to find her and return it.


The piece of jewelry has only brought Melody ruin and death. Will its return cause her more grief? And will she get a happy ending with Tristan?


The love Spell (Paranormal)


Merina is desperate to lure back her ex-boyfriend, and against her mother's warnings, she casts a love spell. The magic works but with consequences which place Merina in danger. There is only one way to break the spell but will she work it out in time?


If You Can Guess (Contemporary)


Catherine decides to break up with her partner Stephen when she realizes that he can't give her what she wants out of the relationship. He approaches her first to play a game of ‘If you can guess what's in my pocket.’ What she finds will leave her happily surprised.

What I liked about this book was the selection of romance on offer. You get a taste of Historical, Paranormal and Contemporary.


Each tale gets straight into the conflict; there is no waiting around for things to start getting interesting. In my opinion, that’s a vital quality to make a short story work.


My only criticism is that they finished up a little too quickly. For example, as a romance reader, I don’t need a couple to get engaged or married for the sake of finishing the book. I'm quite happy for them to be in the early stages of love, exploring the possibilities with each other. It leaves something to the imagination too.


But as per usual A.K. Leigh's writing flows beautifully. Her calm and delightful personality really does shine through in every piece of her work.


So if you're looking for a quick romantic read, on the way to work or waiting for the kids to get out of school, then I recommend you give this collection a go.



You can find more of A.K. Leigh's  books





Are you a short story kind of person?


Or do you prefer something more lengthy?






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