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TASTE: Vampire Magic: (Kingdom of Blood and Ash) by D.S Murphy

November 11, 2018

Week 45 of the 2018 Reading Challenge 'A book already on your bookshelf'


D.S Murphy's TASTE: Vampire Magic: (Kingdom of Blood and Ash) sat on my kindle bookshelf since publication day back in June 2018. So why haven't I read it sooner?


For starters, the reading challenge I'm participating in is categorized each week, limiting which books I'm able to read. This week I was able to slip it into the current category of ‘A book already on your bookshelf.’


I was also scared of being disappointed. Sound Silly? Let me explain.


I am a self-confessed long time follower (stalker) of Derek Murphy. I'm obsessed with his extremely informative YouTube videos and his Facebook group, ‘Guerrilla Publishing: Book Marketing Support and Feedback for Authors.'


When you invest your time in someone who you consider a professional, only to find out that they can't practice what they preach (writing), it’s a huge letdown. You lose faith in them, and yourself. At that moment everything you have absorbed from that person feels like a waste of time.


So I finally bit the bullet and decided to give him a chance.



An arrogant vampire prince. A scarred rebel. A love that could destroy the kingdom.

All I wanted was freedom. Instead, I'm married off to an elite prince; a symbol to unite the two races. It was the perfect system. My body and blood, in exchange for the healing elixir and the purification engines that guard against the poisonous sky. But once I reach the palace citadel, I discover more dangers than beasts outside the gates, and more power than I ever imagined.

When a buried secret shatters my identity, I'll do anything to uncover the truth. My immortal husband - the gorgeous prince Damien - is hiding things from me, and when he discovers who I really am, I'm not sure he'll have the power to save me. But if I can unlock my new abilities, I might be strong enough to save us both--as long as his father doesn't kill me first.

Live together, die apart. It was a perfect system for nearly a century. Until me.



I'm afraid my words may appear as a jumbled mess. You see, I wasn’t expecting this level of greatness from D.S Murphy (no offence), and I've been left feeling a little rattled. I've said it a few times this year, but TASTE: Vampire Magic: (Kingdom of Blood and Ash) goes down as one of my top 5 reads for 2018. With only a few weeks to go, it's in the running to win the top spot.


Described as being a ‘Hunger Games meets Vampire Academy’ type read, absolutely played a part in discouraging me from picking up this book. I dislike remakes and knockoffs, or whatever you want to call them. TASTE: Vampire Magic: (Kingdom of Blood and Ash) does not fit into those categories. D.S Murphy's tale is unique, and like nothing, I've ever read before.


Visualize a post-apocalyptic world where Compound life forces you to hunt for survival, poisonous ash falls from the sky, and unique creatures (Slagpaws) lurk in the dark. Throw in a mad scientist king, a BADASS heroine, secrets, mystery, romance, suspense and conflict, and you have yourself a pretty epic adventure.


The relationship between the main characters Emily and Damien is complex and realistic. Their level of interaction is a result of how they got together. You can feel the romance between them slowly developing, which is perfect, I didn’t need them to be head over heals and trying to rip each other's clothes off, that would be absurd for their current situation.


Without giving anything away, I love the internal conflict that Damien experiences and how it is going to play out in the future.


It is fast moving!!! There are no overly descriptive passages, no boring subplots and has just the right amount of action.


The length of this dystopian masterpiece was perfect. At 259 pages I found it manageable and enjoyable. Being an author, blogger, book reviewer and mum means I don’t have time to read 600 plus novels very often.


My favorite element, how well the book has been set up to carry on as a series.


You will find me impatiently waiting for the next installment in this phenomenal series and reading other pieces of work from D.S Murphy.




What book has been sitting on your bookshelf waiting to be read?


And what's stopping you from reading it?












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