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Book Review - Long Way Home (The Brockenridge Series Book 1) by Nicola Marsh

September 19, 2019

I'm always hesitant to experiment with an author I'm not familiar with, but then I stumble upon someone like Nicola Marsh, and I kick myself for not finding them sooner. 


Her rural romance is sure to make you shed a tear or two so make sure you have a box of tissues close by.


I was instantly invested in this book from the moment I began reading the opening scene. Ruby, a young girl, living in a small country town is bullied and framed for the theft of a necklace from a second-hand shop. She flees from the town to escape the gossip but is forced to return eleven years later when her mother dies.


It doesn't take long for Ruby to run into Connor Delaney, the boy she ditched at the high school ball without so much as a goodbye. But when the two reconnect it doesn't go as smoothly as they would have liked.


Connor is a property developer who has taken over his father's business.  He wants to prove himself to his dad, who is suffering from Parkinson's by successfully buying and redeveloping The Watering Hole. 


The problem is, Ruby just inherited it from her mother, and she grows quite attached to the business and the people she knows who work there. 


I too became attached. 


Alisha is an Indian woman who was adopted by an Australian family. She takes care of her aging parents but struggles with wanting to fulfill the dreams and desires of her own. She is desperate to find love, and start a family, but most of all longs to learn more about her birth parents. 


Harry is an interesting character who is very guarded and shy. He often comes across as a bit rude or blunt, but once you learn about his backstory you will come to understand why. And it’s genuinely heartbreaking. 


The real tear-jerker for me was the discovery of Ruby’s long lost father and the condition she eventually finds him in. I don't think ive ever cried so hard from a book before. 


‘Long Way Home’ was written with true Australian economic times in mind. Nicola Marsh did a fantastic job in depicting the current struggles farmers are facing with drought and the manufacturing crisis hitting Australia hard. It was truly touching.


This novel was a smooth read from start to finish and I thoroughly enjoyed Nicola Marsh’s writing style.


I can't wait to dive into the next installment in the ‘The Brockenridge Series.’


Thank you again Harper Collins Australia and Nicola Marsh for the opportunity to read and review this amazing book. It will definitely be listed as one of my top 10 romance reads for 2019.



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